Bakery website open for business

04 Sep 2012 Comments 2

Hey, the new website is a blast but you know that already because you are here reading this. It's not only the website that's new. We've been updating and refurbishing. Gone is that terrible pink colour and now we have the earthy, heritage colours signifying our link with the country and, of course, the land. We've also got a new logo and signs promoting the bakery.


But most of all, we've been baking up a storm with an impressive list of products for you: the locals and the passer-bys. We hope what we've done to the place and our products please you equally.


We've got a few surprises in store so do regularly check out our daily and weekly specials. And if you've got a special event coming up and would like us to cater, download our order form from our 'Knead to Cater' page.


All in all, it's fun to be here in Inglewood and thanks for making us feel welcome.



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  • Paul

    Looking great Tony. The site is as good as your baking. Good luck.

    September 20, 2012 at 09:04am - Comment
  • sheila garth

    Drove 3 1/2hrs for a pie on Saturday. Pies were fantastic and the owner is a great person to talk to. We will be back!

    December 03, 2012 at 05:36am - Comment