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Welcome to, Albert Street Bakery

Family-run Albert Street Bakery in Inglewood, baking since 2012.

Led by owner, Tony Stevenson, the team at the family-run Albert Street Bakery in Inglewood has more than 45 years of combined baking and shop experience.

Tony himself has been working in the industry for over 30 years including having worked for Coles and Woolworths.

Although the bakery had been on the premises for many years, Tony took over the once struggling business (formally Inglewood Bakehouse) in April 2012 and, within a few short months, transformed it into a thriving business.

Baking Something Special: Our Unique Creations

What do we make? Lots of delicious things made with only the best ingredients and, according to the comments from customers, tasting just like the food they bought at that old corner bakery when they were kids.

At Albert Street Bakery we pride ourselves on making full-flavoured, nutritious, tempting food and, no matter what the time of day, we’ll have something guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds.

Visit the bakery to see the selection of freshly made crusty breads, sweet delights and tasty, savoury snacks. We also have freshly ground coffee ‘to go’; and can cater for special occasions.

Whenever possible, we source local products to help support the local farmers. After all, what goes around comes around!

Knead to Know

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“Customers deserve the best!”

The Albert Street Bakery is located on the main street of Inglewood, a pretty little town on Queensland’s Darling Downs, three and a half hours southwest of Brisbane.

The Bakery is an ideal place to plan a stop on your way between Warwick and Goondiwindi or between Toowoomba and Goondiwindi or Inverell/Texas and Toowoomba.